About The Barbarian Diet

Painting of a young muscular barbarian man.

Barbarian Diet is a side project created by the husband-and-wife bulking duo: Shane & Cassandra Duquette.

  • Shane Duquette is known for creating the Bony to Beastly & Outlift muscle-building sites.
  • Cassandra Duquette is the nutritionist for Bony to Bombshell, a weight-gain site for naturally thin women.

We live in Cancun, Mexico, a tropical paradise where people parade their muscles around. In many ways, that's good. In other ways, less so. Fitness is a normal part of life here, as is every silly diet fad.

The Barbarian Diet is our philosophy for eating a balanced, nutritious, and abundant diet that supports fitness and encourages muscle growth.


"Dieting" conjures an image of restriction, of asceticism. It's the idea that we ought to eat fewer calories, less junk food, and smaller portions. But we can't become more by eating less.

The Barbarian Diet is the pursuit of strength, muscle, health, energy, and vitality. It's the idea that to become more, we need to eat more. More whole foods, more micronutrients, more fibre, more fruits, berries, vegetables, seafood, whole grains, meats, legumes, nuts, yogurts, and seeds. More coffee, tea, honey, and dark chocolate.

To philosophers like Nietzsche, the barbarian symbolizes strength and vitality. It is a refusal to cower in fear of struggle, the joyful embrace of challenge.

Life is tough, so we must become tougher.